Safety Protocols in the Food Industry and Emerging Concerns (kartoniertes Buch)

Chemistry of Foods - SpringerBriefs in Molecular Science
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This brief reports about safety protocols in the food producing industry. Hygiene, i.e., the prevention of contamination and microbial infections, is of greatest importance in the industry, as are disinfection techniques, to prevent or to fight microbial contaminations and infections, and practical emerging concerns are centered around these fundamental concerns. The first part focuses on the attempts and possibilities to prevent microbial spreading. Part II discusses disinfection techniques and their risks, advantages and disadvantages. Current industry trends, such as the attempts to substitute chlorine in disinfection, are critically reviewed.In all, this brief volume discusses decision procedures and strategies that are being applied to prevent, reduce and fight microbial spreading. In particular, material that comes into contact with the foods, has to fulfill strict requirements. This aspect is explained in detail, and how little details can have great effects. The brief deals with the important question: is disinfection more an ally or an enemy?
InhaltsangabePart I Prevention of Microbial Spreading: Decision Procedures and Strategies.- The Reduction of Microbial Spreading: Little Details, Great Effects.- Hygiene of Food-contact Approved Materials for Machinery.- The Hygienic Prevention of Food Contaminations: The Role of Technology.- Part II Disinfection Techniques and Risks: Technology, Chemistry and Food Hygiene. A Multidisciplinary Approach for the Reduction of the Microbial Risk.- The Chemistry of Disinfection: Ally or Enemy?.- Reasons for the Substitution of Chlorine in the Disinfection.